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  • Did you ever wish there was someone you could talk to discretely, in confidence, at work, who you knew would have your back and now wish to be that person?
  • Would you like to boost your knowledge on menopause?
  • Are you keen to use your knowledge, to help others successfully navigate their menopause?

“I didn't know where to turn when I went through menopause. I was too scared to ask for help for fear of being seen as weak and unable to do my job.

I wish I'd had someone to talk to at work.

That's why I trained as Menopause Champion, so I can help others"

- Kat M, Programme Director at a global retail bank

Become a Menopause Champion training is open to everyone.

No prior knowledge is required.

PLUS four further Champion meetings over six months of ongoing ZOOM in the Community of Champions

PLUS a lifetime WhatsApp community

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£450 plus VAT

In order to solve a problem, first, you must understand it

The peri to post-menopausal journey arrives without a handbook.

No one is truly prepared.

Over 86% of women neither know what menopause is, nor how it will really impact them.

Often feeling alone and isolated, with nowhere to turn, getting lost in Dr Google, never really knowing what's fact from fiction.

Most women take over four years to find out what is happening to them. Many never find a solution and simply suffer in silence for years.

You can help stop this from happening!

You probably already know that menopause can feel like running a software upgrade without enough memory. Constantly looping, never really being able to figure out why your system is no longer working efficiently.

Learning what is actually happening during menopause and what you can do to stay on your A game, is critical to helping yourself and others.

That's why I'm inviting you to train as a Menopause Champion.

During a two and a half hour training session (with breaks), I'll demystify the changes, introduce you to the tools and techniques that you will use to develop your personalised strategy, as a Menopause Champion.

Become a Menopause Champion

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It’s time to become a Menopause Champion

Forget Dr Google and following every social media profile with the words perimenopause and menopause in their title!

Stop wondering if you have the skills and knowledge to help others.

Sign up for Menopause Champion training and start using your voice by stepping fully into your personal power today.

“I really felt empowered after the session. I'd always helped my colleagues, but never really felt 'qualified'. Now I am much clearer on what I can do, I'm much more confident helping others”

- Sandra, 47, Head of D&I, Global Pharmaceutical company after training as a Menopause Champion

A Menopause Champion course that gets results.

Designed by menopause expert and international keynote speaker Lauren Chiren, Become a Menopause Champion is your fast track to learning about menopause and how to support others safely.

Dig into the details...

Workbook & Community

A packed book with all the

  • Key facts
  • Space for all your notes
  • Symptoms list & tracker
  • Guide on how to talk to your doctor
  • Useful links and much more!

After you complete the course, you will be invited to join The Community of Champions.

This is where you get to mix and mingle with other trained Menopause Champions for mutual support and attend ongoing live sessions.

Five Modules

  • Menopause - The Core Facts - ages, stages, definitions
  • Symptoms and how they may manifest
  • Effective signposting for ongoing support
  • ​Listening with curiosity and relinquishing judgement
  • Your role as a menopause champion, responsibilities and boundaries

Who is this for?

Anyone who wishes to support others on the topic of menopause, including

  • Colleagues with a genuine passion to support others through menopause
  • Mental Health First Aiders
  • Line Managers & Supervisors
  • Wellbeing Champions
  • Occupational Health 
  • HR 

Wellbeing professionals, for example:

  • ​Coaches
  • Mentors​
  • Acupuncturists
  • Hypnotherapists
  • Personal Trainers
  • Pilates Instructors​

Is this live?

Yes, due to the sensitive nature of this course, it is delivered as a live only session.


Within a month of the course, you will get access to the Community of Champions where you get to meet other Menopause Champions to share your journey and experiences.

Become a Menopause Champion

“I'd just lost 'me' I really thought I was losing the plot and was worried about losing my job and my marriage too.

With Lauren's help, I was able to get the right support from my doctor and speak to HR and work things out with a later start and a slight shift to the work I was doing.

I'm now signed up to do my Menopause Champion training!"

— Jodie, Director, Financial Services after receiving support from her Menopause Champion at work

Who is Lauren?

Acclaimed menopause expert and international keynote speaker

  • Advisor to successful women and big-name brands around the world
  • Fully qualified and accredited executive health and business coach
  • Media commentator

She left a high flying career in finance because of her menopause experience - which she initially believed was early-onset dementia - Lauren knows all too well the struggles women face.

She has dedicated her recent career to campaigning for greater awareness of menopause in the workplace and developing tools and techniques to support individuals to reclaim their lives and thrive through menopause.

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Become a Menopause Champion

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