Menopause The Basics: helping savvy professionals understand menopause

12:30- 13:15, Mon 06 - Wed 08 February 2023



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What previous participants are saying:

"I’m finding your lunchtime sessions incredibly interesting.

They've made me think of my own menopausal journey in a different and more positive way"


"The FREE Basics course helped me realise that I wanted to help others, so I trained as a Menopause Champion and then, I trained as Menopause Coach with Women of a Certain Stage. So rewarding!"


"The sessions gave me the confidence to reach out to Lauren to deliver menopause training for my organisation"

Menopause The Basics

Free 30 min lessons & Q&A

Hosted by

Lauren Chiren

  • Day 1: Learn the core facts: ages, stages, symptoms & definitions
  • Day 2: Discover a functional approach to menopause and why there is no one size fits all
  • Day 3: Understand why menopause is a core D&I, HR & Wellbeing topic at work

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Three FREE Menopause The Basics

Whether you are reading this as someone experiencing menopause or wishing to support others, now or in the future, this course is for you.

Over the past few years, I have

  • Supported employers of all sizes, in all industries, to upskill their workforce on menopause, from board members to the front line
  • Trained Menopause Champions, Allies, Ambassadors and Coaches in every continent
  • Have helped thousands of people, struggling with menopausal symptoms, learn how to feel calm, confident & focused.

In the FREE Menopause The Basics course you will:

  • Learn the real facts on menopause
  • Discover how menopause symptoms unchecked, can impact performance at work
  • Understand more about why people suffer in silence
  • Join the dots over menopause and mental health
  • Create a plan on how you will approach menopause in the future, whether for you or others

This experience is a great starting point to challenge your misconceptions and start to learn the core principles I teach in my signature Menopause awareness, training and coaching programmes.

In the FREE Menopause The Basics, I take you on a journey, to help you build your confidence in discussing menopause.

You will walk away with a personal act plan to progress the conversation at work, home and beyond.

This experience is designed so that it's EASY for you to implement what I will share so that you get the MAXIMUM benefit.

See you on the course!

Lauren Chiren

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