Do You Feel Like Menopause Symptoms Have Stolen Your Sparkle?

You CAN stop feeling anxious, stressed and fed-up.

Let me show you how…

I know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed by the changes menopause is causing in your mind and body. 

I know the fear and frustration of feeling like you’re losing control. 

You have decades of your life ahead of you. With simple, powerful lifestyle changes, you can use that time to fully step into your power and fulfil your deepest desires

Are you ready to reclaim your calm, controlled and confident self?

Join Menopause Mastery - GET YOUR SPARKLE BACK

90 Days to a happier, healthier and more vibrant you!


(Weekly Zoom calls, daily videos & online community)

1 x £997

In the Menopause Mastery you will ...

  • Learn which foods energise you & which strip you of energy so you can enjoy your day fully
  • Recognise when you are about to self-sabotage your plans and learn to put yourself first
  • Create systems and daily habits that keep you focused and confident
  • Create clear boundaries and priorities enabling you to easily mange your to do lists
  • Learn how to de-clutter, emotionally, physically and digitally to remove the overwhelm and focus on what's important
  • Practice breathing exercises that help you to control anxiety and feel calmer in meetings
  • Know how to ask for support when you need it and stop suffering in silence
  • Embrace nature to lift your mood and bring back the joy into your life

How we'll work together over the 90 days...

If you’re ready to learn how your hormones are influencing your body, mood and behaviour and want to start making the lifestyle choices to control them, then I'd love to share with you all the simple top tips to do this and offer you a chance to join me in my Menopause Mastery: Get Your Sparkle Back course.

We work in a cycle of 2 weeks on and 1 week to rest, reflect and replan. This allows time to digest and embrace what you are learning and catch up if life gets in the way.

Here's what we will cover below:

24 Aug: Setting up for success

31 Aug: Creating the emotional, physical and psychological space to grow and manage symptoms


  • 7 PM GMT Monday: ZOOM call to introduce the topic for the week & deliver a powerful coaching session
  • 06 AM GMT Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday: Daily email to notify you of the daily video clip to support you with the weekly goal. This may be some key facts, something to reflect on, or a daily action

07 Sep


  • Rest, reflect & replan

14 Sep: Improving Your Energy & Concentration

21 Sep: Moving your body, raising your heart rate and having fun


  • 7 PM GMT Monday: ZOOM call to introduce the topic for the week & deliver a powerful coaching session
  • 06 AM GMT Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday: Daily email to notify you of the daily video clip to support you with the weekly goal. This may be some key facts, something to reflect on, or a daily action

28 Sep


  • Rest, reflect & replan.

05 Oct: Growing confidence and putting yourself first without guilt!

12 Oct:  Back to basics and using nature as your energy source 


  • 7 PM GMT Monday: ZOOM call to introduce the topic for the week & deliver a powerful coaching session
  • 06 AM GMT Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday: Daily email to notify you of the daily video clip to support you with the weekly goal. This may be some key facts, something to reflect on, or a daily action

19 Oct


  • Rest, reflect & replan

26 Oct: Inducing Calm: A week of powerful visualisations and breathing

02 Nov: Embracing an attitude of gratitude & reset goals for the next 90


  • 7 PM GMT Monday: ZOOM call to introduce the topic for the week & deliver a powerful coaching session
  • 06 AM GMT Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday: Daily email to notify you of the daily video clip to support you with the weekly goal. This may be some key facts, something to reflect on, or a daily action

09 Nov


  • Graduation Party (& Special Offer)

Are you ready to feel fabulous?

Why I became your specialist menopause coach...

"You are walking around this place as if you have the weight of the world on your shoulders," he said. "Not exactly befitting of a senior leader in the business, is it? Something for you to think about when you go home this evening."

I was shocked. I'd just received great recognition for delivering a spectacular piece of transformation for the business and my bonus the previous week.

Whatever self-confidence and self-esteem I had left, all but dissipated as I walked out of my bosses office that day.

I was really starting to feel paranoid. I had no idea what was going wrong. All I knew, was that I no longer had the support of my closest ally in the business and I was too worried to raise my concerns elsewhere.

I felt very alone. As the only female in a team of 18 men, I was grateful I'd built a strong team around me upon whom, who I was increasingly dependent on.

I was early 40's, had a son with life long medical needs at home and a sole parent.

The stress I thrived on, working in fast-paced, business-critical change functions suddenly made me anxious instead of excited.

I had two occasions of feeling like I was going to pass out in meetings, my heart thumping, with no idea how to control it. My concentration and memory were shot.

I barely slept and when I did, I woke up drenched in sweat, so much so, that I had to change the bedsheets. Ultimately I slept on a series of bath towels as they were easier to change.

My confidence was gone and I had nowhere to turn. I felt very flat, very down and alone.

I booked a week off and took my 8-year-old son to Iceland for the week.

We laughed and joked and made snowmen and ate great food, went to the Blue Lagoon and saw the Northern lights, we were so happy.

On the last night, as I tucked my son under his covers and he looked at me through his thick dark brown eyelashes, he said "Mummy, I love playing with you. Can we take happy Mummy back home?"

As he fell asleep, I sat bolt upright in my bed and called my GP, thinking I had early-onset dementia.

Roll forward 5 months, I left my job. My GP told me I had 'just' been through menopause. I have to tell you, I was the happiest menopausal woman in Bristol because I didn't have early-onset dementia.

This is why I research menopause and retrained. To help prevent any other women going through what I did. It's not necessary. It's preventable. It's what I teach in CORE & VIP.

You are a great fit for my programme if...

  • You're feeling anxious and overwhelmed
  • You are worried about your symptoms affecting your relationships at home and work
  • Feel alone and suffering in silence
  • You don't know where to turn for help and support
  • You want a small, safe community of women where you can learn together and create incredible friendships
  • You're struggling with concentration, recall and retention of information
  • You just want to learn what to do to support yourself and stop experiencing self-doubt
  • You are ready to get your sparkle back!

Menopause Mastery: Get Your Sparkle Back is all about giving you the tools to you need to make a healthy and sustainable transition through to the next phase of your life.

How you will feel after 90 Days:

Clear mind, ability to focus, recall information & great concentration

Get through all your tasks and activities without worry or forgetfulness and be super clear on your priorities. Remember where you left things and be able to focus

A huge surge in energy levels, increased sleep quality & sense of calm

No more days of feeling flat and sluggish! An uplift in energy so that you can enjoy your relationships at home, work & socially (& want to go out again!) and an ability to quash those feelings of anxiety an restore your calm

Unshakeable belief in yourself

Get super clear on your dreams, goals and desires knowing that nothing will get in your way as you bring everyone important on your journey with you. Learn to put yourself first, without guilt, knowing you will be abetter placed to support yourself and others

Choose the right level of support

I know everyone is starting this journey from a different place. Whether you’re in perimenopause, menopause or post-menopausal, there is a plan for you.

My plans are designed to ensure you achieve the goals you want with the right support, accountability and a tried and tested system. Whether you choose to join the CORE 90-day group programme or VIP with 4 private coaching sessions, the choice os yours.

CORE 90 Days

This is for you if you are committed to seizing control, stepping into your calm & reducing your anxiety in a community.

  • Daily videos
  • Weekly Zoom check-ins
  • Community group online


Early bird available until midday 31 July:

£499 or 3 payments of £166.34

1 payment of £997

VIP 90 Days

This level is for you if you are looking for everything in CORE, with bespoke action points and private Q&A time with me.

  • Everything in CORE
  • Personal Welcome Gift
  • 4 private coaching sessions


Early bird available until midday 31 July:

£1497 or 3 payments of £499

Client comments


"I definitely feel in a better place emotionally than before we started this challenge. Meeting all of you along with Lauren's thought-provoking tasks have made me realise that I am ok (and I am happy!) and whatever happens in the future won't break me!"

"I am in a much better place - even in a COVID world - than I was at the start of the course. Firstly, thx to this group of lovely gals, I’ve made some new friends - and that’s v important to me. I love the feeling of camaraderie and shared interest. I have really realised this year - since feeling so bloody odd in January (sudden anxiety and low mood etc) that the best thing for my brain and happiness is lots of positive social interaction. I’ve had more contact with friends since jan than I’ve had in a long time - and “feeling the love” is a good thing if you’re a bit low.

It’s good to have so many good folks such ... as our own Lauren to turn to for advice. I just needed to reclaim the last missing bits of ME!   Work wise. (I appeared to stop being interested in my lovely business in January): I am still a little unsure how I feel about it. I am quite sure I would like a change. But have no idea what to... however I am working/doing work/finding work/ managing work as normal (I couldn’t in jan and feb at all) - so that in itself is an improvement."  Thanks for listening!

"To be honest, I debated for some time whether I could afford the investment. Could I afford to spend the cash on me? SHOULD I be spending the cash on me? YES is the answer I arrived at, and I truly believe every woman is worthy and deserves an investment in themselves and more importantly in their mental and physical health.

Why would I spend over £100 a month on my hair, £40 on my nails, £5 a day on barista coffee, and question the value on my personal well-being?

Through Lauren’s teaching and support, I have transformed into the beautiful butterfly I so desperately wanted.

I haven’t found the old me, I’ve discovered the new and improved is better than it ever has been.

Not only have I managed to remove the mental chains that held me back, physically I have become stronger. I have learned it’s not selfish to put “me” first. I have learned that small changes can bring monumental benefits. I’ve achieved all of this without ruining my relationships, career and bank balance!

Not only do you get the guidance and support of Lauren, but you will get an amazing group of people supporting and encouraging you too. These women are awesome too, they become your friends, your confidants, your family, bound by a shared foe, you fight together to overcome. I now have lifelong friends, people I can turn to in a time of need, people I choose to have in my life.

If you find yourself out of sorts, struggling to comprehend what on earth is going on in your world, in need of help to clear the fog, or to find the YOU inside the challenges of menopause, then, and without ANY doubt, the 90-day challenge is for you.


— Becks R.

"Hi There! I'm a member of Lauren's first 90 day program cohort. Do I recommend joining the 90 day program? Hell yes!

It was, still is, one of the best investments in myself I have ever made. Ever...

HRT ... didn’t address recovering from the low self-esteem and sense of failure and bad habits of 7 years of peri meno hormonal imbalances, feeling I couldn’t cope anymore & was letting everyone down, me not even being on my radar. I was getting there, but so slowly.

Joining Lauren’s program was both the kick up the bum I needed & the focus I was struggling to retrain to rebuild positivity in my life.

I absolutely loved the program. I got so much from it on so many fronts.

Being able to share in a safe group & environment with women from worlds apart backgrounds & a common sense of loss was amazing.

We’re a sparkling bunch of friends now!

And every single one of us has moved forward & we had loads of fun too!

So yes, I definitely recommend joining, at whatever level works for you. You’re worth it.

...I trust Lauren’s knowledge & impartiality implicitly.

I haven’t managed to catch her out on anything! & despite me being a wee bit biased at times when HRT is concerned.

Above all, if you join, have fun, give it all you got, see what happens.

It will be SUPER!"

— Aline B.

I'm your Executive Health Coach | International Speaker | Corporate Trainer

  • Love supporting people to be their very healthiest emotionally, physically & physiologically!
  • Specialise in emotional eating; brain and mood; weight management; autoimmune condition programmes 
  • Qualified in psychology, personality profiling (DISC), stress management, transformative and mastery coaching, fitness training, cardiac and stroke recovery, circuit training, life and health coaching & more!
  • Clients included Dustin Hoffman, Anastacia, RFU players and referees & I was on the receiving end of a massage from Sting at the end of Live8
  • Relax by white water rafting, sky diving and travelling