Banish stress & anxiety!

Boost your focus & energy!

Increase your resilience!

It’s time to put yourself first.

Reset your boundaries.

Prepare to create the very best version of you, ever.

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I'm here to support you & your teams to set up for success in 2021 & beyond!

Join my signature 21 Days of SELFLESS SELF CARE 365 programme to create your personal vitality, influence and power so you can be, do & have EVERYTHING you set your heart & soul to in 2021 & beyond.

I'm here to help you:

Master Your Mindset

Live Session No 1 & Week 1

You'll begin to clear your mind of chaos and clutter.

You'll receive top tips to invoke calm, so you stay focused and in control when the going gets tough.

Fuel Your Body

Live Session No 2 & Week 2

You'll discover the right fuel for your body, so you can bring your A-game to everything you do!

You’ll boost your energy, increase your productivity and switch off more effectively at night.

Ditch Your Stress

Live Session No 3 & Week 3

You'll learn simple stress management techniques that will have a powerful impact on your mood.

Plan your direction

Live Session No 4

Feeling aimless?

A core part of these 21 days is to clear your mind, so you can increase your focus and get clarity on your true priorities for the months ahead!

I started the new year feeling down, lethargic, sad, eating chocolate, doing zero exercise.

I slipped off my priority list altogether, I wasn’t even at the bottom of the list.

I came across the Selfless Self Care Programme with Lauren Chiren and I knew I had to change something: what I can control in a world where so much is out of our control at the moment.

I signed up for the programme.

I love the structure, the support from the group, the learning from other women like me with our ups and downs, progress large or small, the sharing of our successes, my photo journal documenting my small steps towards creating new habits, the gentle nudge and challenge from Lauren.

I am enjoying finding (in an otherwise packed day) a little bit of time for a walk along the beach, doing some stretches, preparing something new, enjoying a bath, speaking to a friend.  

The energy and sparkle have come back and it feels great to be me again."

- TC -

What's included in the 21 Day SELFLESS Self Care Plan 365?

Comprehensive Expertise

  • I share my top tips from over 30 years of qualifications and experience in psychology, personal training, nutrition, executive / health / mastery & transformational coaching, mental health and stress management to help you get super honest with yourself, take responsibility to step up to become the best version of YOU to date.

THREE Rounds of the 21 Days to Selfless Self Care Programme within 365

We all consume information differently, so a mixture of delivery methods are used.

The programme is repeated 3 times, to allow participants to absorb and implement the information at their own pace.

Each 21 Day's of Selfless Self Care comprises:

(1) Weekly Live session to introduce the programme and week ahead plus Q&A

(2) Daily Top Tips

  • 7 days of planning and preparation top tips to set yourself up for success, learn all about the plan, how it works and the psychology behind each step
  • 7 days of selfless self care and nourishingly normal foods top tips - no supplements or shakes in sight, unless you choose them!
  • 7 days of top tips to integrate your new food and self care choices into your regular schedule

(3) 24/7 WhatsApp Group and community support

In between programmes, the WhatsApp Group stays live & everyone receives daily motivational and educational tips to be their very best and healthiest self

Receive an invite to 12 Monthly LIVE sessions and Q&A

  • Join my team and I for expertly led group sessions on all things emotional, psychological and physical health. Join live to ask your questions, share you successes and meet other likeminded leaders on a similar journey.

    My team comprises a handpicked specialists in the fields of medicine, nutrition, fitness, coaching, sleep and more!


  • A downloadable guide with all the core recipes, lists of bloat free foods & self care exercises for you to keep FOREVER. All the key criteria for the SELFLESS Selfcare Programme so you can do this as often as you wish!

Begin your journey of Selfless Self Care!

21 days of guided self care, nourishing foods and a fabulous community may be just what you need to set you on the right path for the year ahead!