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Thursday 18 April 2024, 1600 UK | 1100 EST

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Become a certified Menopause Coach

  • Would you love to support your colleagues or clients through this landmark time in their lives?
  • Are you looking for an opportunity for to boost your career or business, or perhaps start a new one that has a real positive impact?
  • Perhaps you work in Wellbeing, DE&I or HR and seeking to expand your skills and make a real difference?

Then this online event is designed for YOU.

During this online event, we'll explore the challenges many people face during menopause and how YOU can become the supportive guide they need.

Empower and Educate

  • Learn how our leading experts in menopause - doctors, nutritionists, and specialists in confidence, pelvic, and sexual health and more, elevate your knowledge and skills to support people through this transformative phase.
  • Hear how you benefit from our live and engaging learning with a structured programme that runs twice a year, creating an intimate and supportive global community that fosters deep connections with your cohort.

Certification That Sets You Apart

  • See how you can earn a CPD-certified diploma that not only equips you with unparalleled coaching skills but also deep dives into the nuances of menopause. Stand out with a certification that’s respected worldwide.
  • Exclusive post-completion support: Imagine your growth with 12 months of ongoing support and four additional 90-minute training sessions post-course completion to keep your knowledge current and cutting-edge.

Comprehensive and Holistic Approach

  • We’ll demonstrate how our programme is meticulously researched, covering both the physiological and psychological aspects of menopause. Gain a holistic understanding that enables you to provide empathetic and effective support.
  • Hands-on experience - unlike self-study courses, you’ll hear how our live sessions offer real-world practice and interactive learning. Build confidence in your coaching abilities through practical experience. Recordings are always available too!

Special Webinar Offers

  • Secure your spot in our next cohort with exclusive bonuses available only to webinar attendees. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your career or business, with special offers that elevate your learning journey.
  • A programme like no other - discover why our diploma programme is the preferred choice for professionals seeking to make a genuine difference in menopause health. From its comprehensive curriculum to the global community, find out what makes our course unique.

Inclusive and Diverse

  • Acknowledge and embrace the diverse experiences of menopause, including those of non-binary and transgender individuals. Our programme is designed to be inclusive, recognising the unique challenges and needs of all individuals navigating this phase.
  • empathetic, positive, and accessible - oin a community where empathy meets action. Learn in a positive, empowering environment that makes complex information accessible and relatable. Together, we can change the narrative around menopause.

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What Menopause Coach Graduates are saying

“I didn’t realise how our hormones all interact and the impact that has, which then helped make sense of why there is such a variety of symptoms”

- Nurse & Occupational Health advisor

“This isn’t a course that gives you loads of material and then leaves you to figure out what to do with it. I have taken practice clients through The Menopause Plan with Lauren’s support, so I am ready to coach my own clients”

- Trust HR Manager | Menopause Coach & Mentor | Making Menopause Manageable

“Seeing the transformation over the 7-week period in both my clients gave me such a buzz.

It has made me excited to start working with more clients and I also now feel confident in delivering talks or workshops that dig more deeply into nutrition in menopause too”

- Nutrition Coach

“The real confidence and breakthrough moment came from taking my practice clients through the Menopause Plan.

The feedback received has been amazing and is real motivation to spread the word and start supporting more people in both one to one and group programmes”

Human Resources Consultant - Executive Coach